Realtime FFT Processing

Create a custom FFT component which operates in realtime on inbound streaming data.


This is an advanced example and assumes a higher level of skill

This page and component will cover some slightly complex signal processing and maths. Explaining theory is not the focus of the guide, the plumbing and display of a radix2 implementation on inbound Electric UI message is.

Due to the larger blocks of code, line-by-line explanations aren't provided other than the Electric UI API surface.

If this style of example is useful to you and you have additional questions or want help integrating something similar, send us an email.

Hardware Preparation

You'll want to sample an ADC pretty fast and send that data to the UI

UI Integration

radix2 implementation

We'll lean on this OSS implementation of radix2, with some small tweaks for performance.

The rest of the work is integrating it into your project.

Further Reading