Maintenance Release

Released on 2022-03-16

This is a maintenance release with several bug fixes and performance improvements.

DataFlow improvements

New window operators are available for DataFlows: min, max, mean, and sum. These calculate their respective quantity in regards to a window of time across a DataFlow.

The new DataSourcePrinter component allows for printing direct from a DataSource.

Bug Fixes and minor improvements

  • Hot module reload performance has been improved with an upgrade to Webpack 5, fixing a regression in the previous release.
  • MessageDataSources now ignore internal messages such as heartbeats.
  • The discovery process is cancelled when a device is disconnected by the user.
  • The serial transport now takes an exclusive lock on serial ports
  • Fixed unavailability hints not removing connections from devices
  • The interval requester is now more tolerant of missed packets.
  • DeveloperState type inference has been improved.