New useProduceHint hook


The new useProduceHint hook can be used to send Hints from the user interface to the transport manager. For example it can be used to supply a websockets URI for the WS transport without any external hint producer.

Removed timezone support from timeseries


The timeseries dependency Pond.js relies on moment-timezone. In our gradual effort to refactor the timeseries system timezone support has been removed.

This is a breaking change but should not affect anyone during regular usage of the timeseries API.

Race connections on inital connect


If a device has multiple connections available upon first connection, they will be raced instead of waiting for all to complete connection before starting the handshake procedure.

Device primary connection hooks


Two new hooks have been added. The useDevicePrimaryConnectionHash and the useDevicePrimaryConnectionTransportKey hook.

They can be used to find the connection hash and the transport key of the primary connection method of a device, respectively.

They use the CONNECTION_METADATA_RANK_KEY="connectionRank" metadata key of the connection in order to determine the primary connection, with rank #0 being the primary connection.