HTMLTable is a thin wrapper around standard HTML style table markup, providing controls for formatting and interactivity.


Create a table with HTMLTable then provide row and columns as the child objects.

Screenshot of component HTMLTable basic
import { HTMLTable } from '@blueprintjs/core'
<th>PWM Value</th>
<td>Cooling Fan</td>

The use of thead is optional.


Condensed Layout

Use the condensed boolean property to activate a compact layout.

Screenshot of component HTMLTable with-condensed
<HTMLTable condensed>...</HTMLTable>


Cell borders can be toggled with the bordered property.

Screenshot of component HTMLTable with-bordered
<HTMLTable bordered>...</HTMLTable>

Striped Cells

Alternate the cell colour between rows with the striped boolean property.

Screenshot of component HTMLTable with-striped
<HTMLTable striped>...</HTMLTable>


Cursor driven highlighting can improve readability for more complex tables. Add the interactive boolean property to enable.

<HTMLTable interactive>...</HTMLTable>