A polished foundation specifically for hardware connected user-interfaces.

Perfect for creating quick development tools, commercial products, or visualising complex interactions with robotic systems.

Control your embedded hardware & plot real-time data within 10 minutes!

Create the best low-latency visualisations

Our modular communications pipeline makes flawless device provisioning and connections easy.

Tailored for high speed & reliability with local hardware, no fussy cloud services or gateways are required.

Event driven and asynchronous by design, with our best-in-class charting solution built-in.

Expect the smoothest, lowest latency interface experiences available!

GPU accelerated charting

If you need to display millions of points, consume 100k events per second, or display buttery smooth charts - our efficient graphing engine has you covered.

3D Integration

Easily embed 3D models and drive orientation, colour, and shape with data from your microcontroller.

Transformer Pipelines

Easily build post-processing functions to manipulate, filter, and analyse data on the fly.

Transformer functions handle real-time streams while automatically batching historical data for high-performance.

Take the hard out of hardware integration

Arduino code editor, Electric UI tracked variables

Use our lightweight protocol & C99 communications library to get running quickly, or use MQTT, ROS or CoAP integrations

Reference implementations for a wide range of microcontroller architectures and toolchains help bootstrap your project.

Designed for Engineers & Researchers

VSCode editor, UI markup for charting dashboard

Use our premade components and hooks to heavily customise your user interface.

Our libraries help manage hardware state while component rendering and interaction logic is handled performantly in the background.

Electric UI's frontend is written with Typescript for strongly typed guarantees, and tight integration with standard IDE's means fewer accidents make it to execution.

Iterate quickly with hot reloads

The sandbox immediately updates to reflect changes. A rapid iteration loop means you can spend more time creating great software, not waiting for builds.

Perfect for whitelabel software

Industrial robot connected to laptop with configuration interface

Use a suite of mature hardware-focused UI components, designed to be performant, accessible, and visually consistent across any desktop OS.

No Electric UI branding of any-kind is forced into the application or installers.

Build for Windows, macOS, Linux

MacOS, Linux and Windows operating systems all displaying the Electric UI connections page

Documentation and assistive tooling makes packaging and code signing more accessible than ever.

Output binaries have no external dependencies, install quickly, and typically have an overall lighter footprint than Java, LabView, OpenNI or MATLAB based applications.

Looks great in the dark!

User interface vertically split: half dark background, half light background

Dark mode is fully supported by default.

OS integration allows your application to automatically behave as expected.

Reliable device discovery

Hand plugging USB connector into laptop, display shows connection alert

End-users shouldn't have to select a COM port in 2024, flawless device provisioning and connections are the new normal.

Our connections and hinting systems wrap any choice of physical transport and protocol, providing automatic device discovery, error handling and solid UX.

Unopinionated communications

Microcontroller devkit connected to USB, ethernet, radio module

Connect directly with USB/Serial, through packet-radios, over the local network, or to internet facing endpoints.

Integrate your proprietary protocol, use an industry standard, or build quickly with our MIT-licenced packet layout.

Fantastic documentation

Electric UI Scatterplot documentation website screenshot

Quickstart tutorials to help get your first UI running, API docs include real-world examples and tips, and deep-dives enable experienced developers to go further.

Copy-pastable snippets help fast-track your custom UI.

Start using Electric UI
Control your hardware & plot real-time data within 10 minutes.