Make the best hardware connected user experiences possible

Astronaut carrying tablet connected to small wheeled robot, on red planet

High performance & low latency, in any environment.

Direct local connections provide speed and reliability without fussy cloud services or gateway devices.

Strong USB & Serial support allows for first-class GUI's with low cost products.

Use our batteries included, MIT licensed protocol, or work with us to integrate yours. Beat your competitors to market with an excellent user interface experience.

Explorer and dog in rowing boat, searching

Great experiences are built on dependable connections

Our flexible hinting engine means users can connect confidently, without dealing with gnarly implementation details like a serialcomPath dropdown.

Our highly modular design provides sane default behaviours, while allowing you to customise or swap parts out as needed.

Detailed documentation provides in-depth guides and tutorials, advanced tips for serious use, and copy-pastable snippets.

Artist on seat sculpting details into stone bust

Build white-label software faster with a foundation designed for hardware

Production grade components, GPU accelerated realtime charting, and event-driven architecture provide a strong foundation for smooth interaction.

Strong developer tooling helps kickstart your MVP. Iterate in realtime with a hot-reloading sandbox and strictly-typed UI layouts.

Windows, macOS and Linux are all first-class citizens.
Mobile coming soon.

Stop fighting poorly documented toolchains

Temperature graph, statistics and predictions for industrial X-Ray machine chiller
Informative guides cover the basics through to tips for complex GUIs.
Integrate the C/C++ library and create your first UI within minutes.