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We're happy to provide customised assets, please get in touch [email protected] and include a visual mock-up of the intended use.

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Why Electric UI?

While working for engineering design firms, a common roadblock would often appear - we need a quick and cost-effective way to interact with prototype hardware products.

Solutions included terminal interfaces, configuration files on SD cards, or spending long evenings hacking additional features onto a 'quick python script'.

Occasionally this tooling escaped the lab into the hands of end-users or other engineers, many of which used different kinds of computers in some very harsh environments!

The IoT movement has produced some great fleet management and data collection solutions, but falls short when it comes to user-experience. We also know from experience that many industrial and low-volume products aren't a good fit for cloud systems or even wireless networking.

Electric UI aims to improve the tools available to engineers, designers, and scientists of any skillset who need to interact with embedded systems.

Target Markets

  • Rapid prototyping for bespoke R&D test-benches.
  • Internal/private development tooling for engineers.
  • White-label configuration/visualisation 'app' for consumer products.
  • Suitable for appliances, lab equipment, test-rigs, off-grid systems, and prototyping.
  • Student/hobby projects without needing complex servers or infrastructure.

Key features

  • Designed specifically for hardware products.
  • Provides a low latency, reliable end-user experience.
  • Supports local connections over serial/USB, HID, local WiFi networks, and more.
  • Wide selection of performance optimised user-interface components.
  • Bespoke charting solution delivering best-in-class performance at high framerates,
  • Transformer pipelines allow for complex analysis and visualisation in realtime

Technical Overview

Intended to allow electronics and mechanical engineers, hardware designers, and product teams to create professional grade user interfaces for their product with minimal friction.

Development takes place using a hot-reloading sandbox environment which massively reduces iteration time. Publish binaries for Windows, macOS and Linux platforms with confidence.

Electric UI is a combination of:

  • Assistive tooling for developers, the arc CLI, templates, and debugging helpers,
  • Custom libraries to manage device connections, serialisation, data manipulation, and more.
  • User-interface components, React Hooks, and Transformer primitives which can be used standalone, or as building blocks for heavily customised interfaces.
  • Great documentation, perfect for helping people new to desktop UI development.
  • Copy-paste example snippets which extend past the basics.