Get started building your Arduino user interface in minutes.

Fully compatible with any Arduino, and perfect for quick data logging, visualising data during debugging, or as a customer facing GUI for your commercial products.

Control your hardware & plot real-time data within 10 minutes!

Deep Arduino Integration

Arduino code editor, eUI tracked variables

Get started quickly by downloading the library within the Arduino IDE.

The serial binary protocol supports framing, checksums and multiple messageIDs out of the box.

Send your variables and have them displayed in a UI within minutes, control your settings in realtime.

GPU accelerated graphing

The high performance graph engine can display many simultaneous data streams at 120fps, pulling data from directly from your variables.

Line Charts, Scatter Plots, Bar Charts are all supported out of the box, with helpful functions to generate aggregations, FFTs or histograms on the fly.

3D Integration

Easily embed 3D models and drive orientation, colour, and shape with data from your microcontroller.

Display a rotating model with telemetry from your RC plane, or the full complexity of your robotics project.

Transformer Pipelines

The powerful data transformer system lets you write complex manipulation and filtering behaviours with simple primitives.

Transformer functions handle real-time streams while automatically batching historical data for high-performance.

Designed for all experience levels

VSCode editor, UI markup for graphing dashboard

Use our extensive list of components to build any interface you can imagine.

Focus on your end result, rather than how to get there. Our library handles data handling and interaction logic performantly in the background.

Write your UI in a familiar HTML-like declarative syntax with TypeScript and TSX. Strong IDE support provides extensive autocomplete, helpful linting and compile-time errors.

Iterate quickly with hot reloads

Don't wait for builds, the hot reloading system updates your user interface inline in seconds. Quickly iterate your changes without having to restart.

Reliable device discovery

Hand plugging USB connector into laptop, display shows connection alert

No need to select the COM port from a dropdown menu, our system handles device discovery automatically.

Use multiple connections across different transports and protocols, everything just works.

Fantastic documentation

Scatterplot documentation website screenshot

Our continuous integration system compile-time checks our docs on every release, so you can be sure the snippets will work first try. Code and screenshots are provided for every component.

Extensive example projects go beyond the simple 'blinking LED', showing you how to use advanced features in context.

Looks great in the dark!

User interface vertically split: half dark background, half light background

Dark mode is fully supported by default. OS integration allows your application to automatically behave as expected.

Use any React component library along with our powerful hooks system to make your user interface look the way you want.

Start using Electric UI
Control your hardware & plot real-time data within 10 minutes.