Privacy Policy

What data do you collect from me?

Registration Details

We collect and store the following user information during registration:

  • "What you would like to be called",
  • Your email address,
  • We store a cryptographically safe salted hash of your password on our servers. At no point is your password stored or transmitted in plaintext.

Payment Information

We don't handle payment information directly, instead we receive and store a token from our payments processor Stripe.

Product Usage Information

We log anonymous statistics of downloads and other usage against our infrastructure (servers which provide tooling downloads, and website). Your IP address is not stored.

During the login challenge presented by arc, and upon first download of the template and its dependencies, we perform a key exchange which authorises the computer usage of our services until the next payment expiry.

We log anonymous usage statistics of the arc tool. No personally identifying information is stored.

We generate a random high entropy string per installation of arc and store it to understand if users have multiple computers or not.

We send a cryptographically secure hash of the working directory and product name to understand how many projects users work on.

The primary intent of this telemetry is for performance optimisation, as such the durations of sessions and the individual steps within those sessions are sent.

Implementation details

We store configuration, telemetry and key cache data on your computer at one of these locations inside an /electricui/arc subdirectory:

%PROGRAMDATA% (C:\ProgramData)${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS} (/etc/xdg)/Library/Application Support
%APPDATA% (C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming)${XDG_CONFIG_HOME} (${HOME}/.config)${HOME}/Library/Application Support

We store template and package cache data at one of these locations inside an /electricui/arc subdirectory:

%LOCALAPPDATA% (C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local)${XDG_CACHE_HOME} (${HOME}/.cache)${HOME}/Library/Caches

To authenticate against our servers you present a token, stored in the config.yaml file. You can inspect this with an online viewer such as

It contains information such as "What you would like to be called", your email and your internal user identifier.

What happens with that data?

We don't sell this data to any third party. We store some of this data on our third party analytics provider, Amplitude. They are only given technical information, not information such as "What you would like to be called" or your email.

Data Retention

Your IP address may be stored in ephemeral logs when interacting with our web servers. These logs are purged on a rolling basis after five days.


We send confirmation emails during registration, after major account actions such as email/password changes and after modifications to billing information.

We will respond to emails regarding product information, sales, and support tasks.

We reserve the right to email you as part of our security and privacy policies.

We will not send marketing or sales emails unless you have opted-in. We will send no more than one email per month if you have opted-in.

Website Analytics

We use a subset of Google Analytics' features to collect anonymised information about the usage of the website. This includes information such as which pages are visited and their order or whether the user scrolled to the bottom of the page.

Package Manager Analytics

We use the Yarn package manager to provide dependency management for our templates. By default it will collect non-personal usage information such as the version of Yarn, the command being run (usually install), and the number of projects and dependencies installed. A more exhaustive list of the collected data can be found on the Yarn documentation website. We leave this telemetry enabled by default to accurately reflect Electric UI's use case within Yarn's analytics. Note that this telemetry is never run on CI, regardless of configuration.

To disable the telemetry on a per-project basis, run yarn config set enableTelemetry 0

To disable the telemetry on a per-user basis, run yarn config set --home enableTelemetry 0