Frequently asked Questions
Is it free during pre-release?

Yep, all we ask in return is your feedback. Tell us what you think we can improve and what you think we're doing well.

To gain access, simply follow the install & tutorial process. After email confirmation your account will be able to use Electric UI for the pre-release period free of charge.

How long will pre-release last?

It will likely end during 2021 but there is no fixed date at the moment.

What happens when pre-release ends?

Student licenses will continue as normal. Other users will receive a trial period starting at the end of the pre-release period to decide if they want to opt-in to a paid subscription. Built applications will continue without issue, but a paid licence will be required for continued development.

Do you offer student or education discounts?

Students with a .edu email address can use Electric UI unrestricted for personal projects, or projects related to studies. Build a UI for your robotics class, capstone project, or FSAE car (and then tell us about it!).

Academic institutions can access bulk licences on request.

What's different between Freelance and Commerical licences?

Freelancer is intended for solo users who need to build applications for the product they have designed and will sell.

Companies (two people & up) build UI's for clients, support a wider range of products, and need accounts for the dev team. CI/CD and priority support are also included.

How much does a commercial licence cost?

We don't believe static pricing structures provide fair value for users who sit between a dorm-room startup and multinational companies.

We take company size and expected usage into account, and our value proposition is a compelling argument compared to a few days of engineering time. All commercial licences allow for many users across many computers.

What happens when my licence expires?

All built application binaries will continue to work without issue.

Use of a paid licence is required for continued development and access to new features. Commercial users may be eligible for perpetual licencing terms.

What about open source projects?

Open source licences are available on request to projects which have been actively developed for longer than 3-months.

Contact us to arrange access for your project.