Headless templates

Released on 2022-10-25

What better time to release headless hardware templates than the lead-up to Halloween!

Headless template

If you're working with CI/CD systems, have an addiction to tiling window managers, or just need a tool without a GUI - the new headless templates are made just for you!

Follow the headless quickstart guide for a deeper explanation of the template, or for advanced users, start poking around the node template:

arc init hello-headless --template node

The default template includes an example to test connecting to a device flashed with hello-blink firmware, manipulating and reading the LED state while printing the led message periodically, before closing.

eui@ubuntu-ct ~/hello-headless $ arc start
src/main.ts → dist/index.js...
created dist/index.js in 4.1s
◼ EUI000: Connected to device completed in 0s 678ms
◼ EUI000: Found and connected to 50018
◼ EUI002: name: HelloEUI
◼ EUI000: ┌ LED Sweep
◼ EUI002: │ led switched after 30ms, state is 0
◼ EUI002: │ led switched after 40ms, state is 0
◼ EUI002: │ led switched after 50ms, state is 0
◼ EUI000: LED Sweep completed in 4s 504ms
◼ EUI000: Tests complete
◼ EUI000: Done in 5s 209ms

We expect to build out the documentation of the headless template over the next week, with the key focus on hardware-in-the-loop tests.

General fixes and changes

  • useDataSourceSubscription hook's sourceOutsideDomain property is now correctly marked as optional.
  • useQuery and useSendMessage hooks now support usage outside of a DeviceContext.
  • TimeSlicedLineChart now supports a batch ingestion API
  • New utility functions have been added to help facilitate headless-template and low-level hardware access
    • @electricui/script-utilities functions such as sleep, findAnyDevice and startDeviceSession as used in the headless template.
    • Documentation will be updated over time to include the full public surface area, along with usage examples.
  • New device management hooks have been added:
  • arc has a new startup API (internal) which should be better suited to support a wider-range of template types going forward.
  • arc now has more consistent login error messages, improved messaging for incompatible templates.
  • arc includes an completion command to generate autocompletion (tab completion) files.
    • i.e. Add source <(arc completion bash) to your .profile for bash completion.
  • Yarn 3.2.4 is specified by the template
  • Internal improvements to integration testing and screenshot testing.

The @electricui/core-actions library has been deprecated. This shouldn't impact you, as the API surface and usage was not made publicly available.


Added new examples for custom ConnectionsCards,


and Mapbox.